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I sincerely thank you for visiting our web site. I acknowledge your kind gesture and appreciate your interest in knowing the secrets of natural living.

I am pleased to inform you that Honest Life Care is the only Indian company in the world that offers Extra Virgin Ayurveda Products directly to its end-users.
We are the first company in India that has introduced this precious products at its purest form with its enormous health benefits to all of you. This amazing gift of God to humans is the only product that has been used since ages and has historically proven its prodigious value.
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S P Goutam Founder Chairman & Managing Director

Unique Values

Commitment : It is our commitment to empower everyone to reach corporate vision & mission. Core Value : Honest Lifecare is a quality driven Organisation in the Corporation action.


To establish on India society empowered with quality, equality, friendship and Fraternity and partnership in every walk every living. We are dedicated towards our mission.


Our Vision is to build Tech'lly, economically, socially developed country by empowering people's health, wealth, quality life & working culture. We are dedicated towards success.


Established in the year 2010
with a concept provide 100% natural herbal researched and standardized health care products

that Rejuvenates mind and body, Enhances vigor and vitality, to reduce obesity and cholesterol cell revitalize and an anti-diabetic drink for general well being.

Honest Life care is an equal opportunity, Multi level marketing organization, headquartered at Bangalore, India.

Honest Life care was created by a group of like minded business professionals with the objective of building a multi level marketing enterprise based on the winning revolutionary business plan coupled with an array of products of unmatched quality confirming to global standards.

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